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Haiyanti Ibrahim (Yanti)

Bachelor Degree of Science- Chemical Science, ACE CPT, GFiT Certified Instructor, Fitness FX Certified Blast FX & Pump FX instructor, Founder of Adreno-X & Core Fusion,


Tell us, what fitness means to you?

Fitness is about focusing on gaining your strength, endurance, power and above all your HAPPINESS. Happiness, consistency and honesty are the key. In any fitness journey you are in right now, the result will show from the HEART within. FEEL the journey. BE PRESENT in the journey.

Were you already a PT before becoming a mum? OR were you already working out before being a mum?

I was in a corporate world before being a mom. I have never involved in any fitness related activities until I had my daughter when she was 2 years old.

Yanti family

We all know, being a mother is already a full time job – why become a PT?

Being a mother myself and at the same time as a Personal Trainer is no different than other mothers out there who also at the same time work as a Teacher, an Accountant, a Bank Officer, and the rest of career moms. That being said, being a stay-at-home mom or a career mom, the base foundation fact here is, we are all providing and contributing. One shouldn’t be labelled as better than the other. With the choices that we have, I believe we choose definitely for the best. I think it’s agreeable with this statement “There’s no tougher job than being a Mom”, but to me, being a Mom is not a job, if it were, i’d get a time off of 16 days Annual Leaves perhaps, or a monthly deduction of EPF through my basic salary, I’d get my lunch break time or maybe an 8 hours of standard working hour. To me, being a mom to my beautiful daughter Fatema Zahraa, is something that is too beautiful for me to explain with words. It’s not a job that I’ve ever applied before. But, I CHOSE to be a MOTHER. Becoming a Personal Trainer on the other hand is another journey that I chose whole heartedly, turning my new found PASSION that is fitness into my career. Having a family to take care of shouldn’t be the reason for women out there to stop chasing on their dreams, wishes or anything that they love doing. I want to be a MOM and I want to have a job. Like I said, we mothers have all the choices, at the end of the day,  it is definitely for the best. Not only for the family, but to our ownselves. Having a JOB and a PASSION is good. But to have your PASSION as your JOB is amazing!! It is like living your dream every single day!

Yanti blast fx class

How did you get started?

I was off working for about 2 years after I gave birth to my daughter. Started off as a home workout fitness enthusiast I was looking for something fun to do at home or should I say I was in the verge of looking for a PASSION.  Passion that actually reflect who I am and it makes me HAPPY and ALIVE.  Religiously keeping myself busy sweating out every morning at least twice a week following this one channel on Youtube whiles my daughter having her nap. One day I decided to look for an opportunity to be in fitness industry, and I found online that Fit Malaysia was offering a 6 months Personal Training Course Scholarship. I would like to thank Fit Malaysia for the opportunity which has changed my life completely. One opportunity leads to another. Fast forward to where I am now, working at the largest health and fitness facility in Sarawak, The Gym Box as a Personal Trainer, Group Class Instructor, GX Coordinator and still an avid Fitness Enthusiast at heart.

yanti with PT client

How the Personal Trainer Development Program (PT certification) has helped you?

The fact that it takes a science to understand and achieve your fitness goal is undeniable. It has helped me a lot in any possible way either to my own training or for my client’s. We need to understand how our body works in other to put it to work. Otherwise, it is just another training waiting for an injury to happen.

Any advice for other mums intending to follow your footsteps?

Go ahead and do it!! Set your priority, focus on it, love it, live it and give back!

Alexandra Knowles

ACE CPT, Certified Les Mills BodyCombat Instructor – AIM1, Certified Les Mills Born to Move Instructor and Trainee Presenter


Tell us, what fitness means to you?

Fitness is part of everyday life to me and its the philosophy I communicate to my clients. Although we work on goal setting the biggest achievement a client can make in my book is adapting to a healthy lifestyle each and everyday. No diets no programs and not just being healthy and active but managing everyday life and the events that come with it. Basically fitness and moreover healthy lifestyle choices should become a natural reflex.


Were you already a PT before becoming a mum? OR were you already working out before being a mum?

I’ve always enjoyed activity and sport. I wasn’t the best of the best at school but I competed and enjoyed sport. Before having my children my activity of choice would be martial arts or mountain biking. My move into “fitness” was actually pretty cliche, I decided I needed to lose weight for my wedding so started attending BodyCombat classes and then getting into resistance training in the gym. I very quickly stopped thinking about kilo’s lost and dress sizes and began concentrating on the kilo’s I could squat or how high I could jump kick.

We all know, being a mother is already a full time job – why become a PT?

What fitness did for my self-esteem far outweighed physical achievements and I realised I wanted to share this feeling with others. Having the ability to empathise with my clients has really been a bonus.


How do you get started?

I began my career by completing module training in BodyCombat because of my love of martial arts and particularly this program. But knowing that Group X is only part of the fitness package and because of my new found love of the gym it wasn’t long before i signed up to complete my ACE PT certification. Right now my main concentration is on training children and I have a fantastic training program with Tenby International School, Johor offering Born to Move classes as part of their PE schedule and after school activities.

How the Personal Trainer Development Program (PT certification) has helped you? 

I initially applied for home study directly through ACE. I tried to juggle home life and study but it didn’t work. thank goodness for FITM! The courses and support provided at FITM were invaluable and I even managed to secure my first bootcamp through someone on the course with me!!!

Do you train your husband?

My husband is an avid Mountain Biker so his exercise time is dedicated to his sport first and foremost but yes I do train him. Why? Because its a great way for us to spend time together and I know what he enjoys and what his ultimate fitness goals are. Getting to know your clients is essential and I have an advantage when training my husband.


Any advice for other mums intending to follow your foot steps?

Do It! But remember everything in life is about balance. Balance home and work commitments but make sure there’s time for yourself too. It’s very easy to say yes to every class and every client especially in the beginning but remember you can’t enjoy your work or your family if you are too stressed or tired.

Alexys Sumitra Wills

ACE CPT, Rehab Trainer, Advance Diploma in Business Management University of Bradford.

Certified mother of 3! ?

Tell us, what fitness means to you?

Being fit is a wonderful enabler of life. Good health is so easily taken for granted and yet as we get older, we be come more prone to conditions that could have been prevented by the way we lived our lives in the past. That’s why my mantra is to eat clean, exercise to the best of your capabilities and take plenty of rest. Easier said than done in today’s world, when so many demands are made of us as parents and business owners/employees. Coaching fitness is a privilege, adding value and empowering people in so many different ways. I see my clients restore self-confidence and self esteem and even correct prolonged injuries that have been a source of pain and discomfort for many years. This is a great gift to be ale to give.
To live, eat and be healthy, restores confidence, adds value, corrects injuries, empowers and enables!


Were you already a PT before becoming a mum? OR were you already working out before being a mum?

I became a PT after becoming a Mum although I have always been very sporty and active in the fitness sense. I have always been fit, even from my childhood years when I ran competitively at inter-state level in Malaysia. It only occurred to me after my pregnancy that what I had been enjoying all my life, I could turn into a profession.


We all know, being a mother is already a full time job – why become a PT?

I became a PT after becoming a Mum; having given birth to my eldest son and then to our son and daughter – twins. I went through tremendous challenges in my multiple-pregnancy but was determine to feel fit and continue to be able to manage 3 kids all under 2 years old.
Surrounded by many mums, I hear too many classic complaints on how they feel and look. I was always complimented how lucky I am and it is probably my gens but I have to say, very lucky because I had my active lifestyle being an athlete since 9 years old (before that I was just racing the boys showing them girls can run faster than them! ;)) and parents who taught me to eat from what’s grown around us and not to consume food/drinks from packets, cans and bottles.
I had a mission, soon became a life purpose; to be inspire others (especially women) that they too can achieve more than they ever thought. If I can inspire one person to be fitter, healthier and happier then that’s the biggest sense of achievement I can ever have.

How do you get started?

Fitness? When I first started moving my limbs!:) I have always known to be climbing the trees… what else do we have in the ‘Kampungs’? We had no TV’s or Toy’s R us!
PT? Like I mentioned earlier, post pregnancy I met a lot of women who thought that getting back into shape was difficult verging on impossible. These early conversations were a source of inspiration to me that drove me to become qualified as a personal trainer. As I listened to their pains I knew I could help these people and others like them.


How the Personal Trainer Development Program (PT certification) has helped you?
Great help! Personal gain, I learnt more than I thought I knew! Opened up my eyes to commonly made mistakes and have a different view and understanding on media write ups! I stopped ‘monkey say monkey do!’ I have better understanding on the science behind it. I needed knowledge to decide for people I need to help and this program helped me.
Clients gain, good reputable qualification and they know they are in good hands. I am of cause trained by the best!


Do you train your husband?

Yes, I do! We do train together sometimes. We inspire each other… he is a highly motivated person and come rain or shine he is active. We love the fact we have fitness in our family and think that this a great way to bring up our children. We show them instead of telling them making active lifestyle a normal.


Any advice for other mums intending to follow your footsteps?

“Yes… ‘of cause you can do it!’ my commonly used phrase to my clients. It is there in you! You just have to learn it, train it and use it and feel amazingly good! Don’t forget to have fun! Promise you will never feel happier! Then help me pay the ‘FitBird’ vibe forward!”


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