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Gave Up Competitive Sport And Found Love In Fitness – Tan Jeck Beng


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Tan Jeck Beng, commonly known as Jeck, is currently an Elite Personal Trainer at Fitness First One Mont Kiara. We had the opportunity to interview him when he attended Rehab Essentials at our centre recently, thus adding to our next edition of 100 seconds with 100 Personal Trainers compilation.

Happy reading, folks!

You were a state level badminton player back in school. Why didn’t you continue to go further in that sport?

Jeck: I was very weak in health and had asthma when I was a kid. I started training badminton at the age of 9 and it was my parents’ decision for me to improve my health condition. I am glad it did! After a few years of training, my health improved and I couldn’t remember when was the last time I had an asthma attack *touch wood*. I’m truly grateful how badminton/ exercising benefited my health and to be honest, I had never imagined myself pursuing or competing at the highest level. Just about the same time, there was an important examin school and I decided to prioritise my studies. Having said that, I still love the sport as it introduced me to the world of health and fitness.



From being a competitive sportsperson, you pursued your tertiary education in culinary thereafter. Please share with us what made you choose culinary.

Jeck: I am like everyone else. We all love good food but I went further to the extent of learning to prepare them myself. My interest in cooking is derived from TV shows as I noticed there is unlimited creativity in food and this would make an interesting and challenging career. On top of that, I would love to be able to cook for my loved ones.

What did you do after your graduation from Le Cordon Bleu, Canada?

Jeck: I returned to Malaysia as soon as I graduated and was fortunate enough to be able to work under some great Chefs in a couple of top restaurants in KL.

We note that you registered for our Personal Trainer Development Program in August 2013 as a mean to get yourself started in the fitness industry. What inspired you to make the switch this time?

Jeck: Many people asked why I made this switch as it seems like both are unrelated. For me, both of them work well together as the two big things in fitness are Food and Exercise. Should I understand food better, it’s easier for me to make healthier food choices when it comes to eating out as I know what ingredients they normally use for those dishes. Moreover, I would not have a problem when it comes to preparing my own meals where many people would struggle for the same. By attaining an additional personal training certification in addition to my already possessed knowledge of food, I would learn how to exercise and teach these exercises safely and effectively. Therefore, I decided to sign up for the PTDP course to learn more about personal training and fitness, equipped myself with the knowledge to help myself and also others who want to be fitter and healthier.


Please tell us the proudest achievement that you have attained to-date as a personal trainer.

Jeck: If it’s on paper, it would be when I managed to achieve Fitness First Malaysia’s monthly Top Personal Trainer in the country award for a couple of times. What truly touched my feelings and to be particularly proud of was when my clients thanked me for helping and inspiring them to reach their fitness goals, having achieved something that they had never thought of.


What do you hope to achieve in the near future?

Jeck: At the moment, I am focused on training clients and consistently upgrading myself with new knowledge so as to be able to bring the best out of me and also my clients’ results. Down the road one day, hopefully, I would be able to have my own cafe (apart from my personal training business), where people can enjoy delicious and nutritious food.

Thanks for your time, Jeck and we wish you all the best in accomplishing your dream!


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