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From a Performer to a Fitness Professional – Alex Chew


Alex Chew needs no introduction in the fitness scene here. He has recently been certified by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) Personal Trainer certification after attended the Personal Trainer Pro-Grade Programme at FITM via True Fitness.



Initially Alex was very skeptical with this training as the Pro-Grade programme is intended for fitness professionals with exercise science & work experience but after attending it, he thinks he was wrong.


` My 2 weeks experiences with them is truly enlightening as I learned theoretical and practical approaches on how to implement safe and effective workouts for my members. The Pro-Grade Course prepares me for the ACE or NASM Personal Trainer Certification.’



Their dedicated educators, with years of experiences in the field of fitness, are always ready to clear any doubts or questions.’



Well, most would question the fact that why Alex only earned his first fitness certification after being an instructor for about 13 years?


(Alex is an elite instructor for BodyCombat, presented BodyCombat release 63, Advanced Instructor for RPM, a Certified Instructor for CxWorx and Bodypump as well as trained in Bodybalance and Bodyvive)





`Because I heard most people failed! ACE Personal Trainer Exam has been known as one of the toughest fitness certification because it tests your ability to make decision with clients’, Alex added.



Most people misunderstood that ONLY knowledge  (or teaching exercise) decides if you are a great instructor or personal trainer. In fact, successful personal trainers usually have great exercise leadership, strong rapport with clients, knowledgeable, sound business skills, and able to help clients overcome barriers by trouble-shooting situations. This explains why ACE certification tests you from all aspect of a personal trainer skills not just exercise techniques and guidelines.


This is why the course is carefully designed and delivered to include 80% practical and 20% theory. The course bridges theory and application to job skills.




Alex says, `It gives me the insight and awareness to quickly identify postural deviation of my members that attend my classes. I’m ready to answer my members’ questions with regards to exercise. I can ensure my participants are in safe-hand. It enhances my ability to coach instead being a script-reader followed what is required in the group fitness choreography.



At FITM, the focus is not just paper certification but we emphasise heavily on developing fitness professionals.



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