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Tan Wooi Keat is here to FIGHT obesity!


A lean, mean fighting machine. When Tan Wooi Keat is not in class attending the Personal Trainer Development Program or other courses that we offer, he can either be found teaching Muay Thai as a Level 1 (soon-to-be Level 2) instructor at Muay Fit, Puchong, in the cage fighting as an amateur MMA fighter, lifting weights in the gym or busy carrying out his hobby of trail running anywhere that his pair of shoes would bring him.

The man that you see in the photo here used to be overweight 8 years ago and he definitely has Muay Thai to thank, for transforming him into who he is today.

Wooi Keat is passionate in assisting people to lose weight. He wants to be fully prepared before he embarks on such a noble journey by acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills from the Personal Trainer Development Program. He aims to combine Muay Thai with personal training and make weight loss a fun activity, in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Let’s wish him success in his future undertakings!


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