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Ong Cheng Young, an all-rounder who believes in learning never stops!


Ong Cheng Young has been in the fitness industry for almost 12 years now. Graduated from the Indiana State University, USA with a Bachelor of Science in Recreation & Sports Management in the year 2002, he subsequently moved to England to begin employment with an international sports centre management company the following year.

Armed with burning passion, determination and put in plenty of sheer hard work, he worked his way up to the top from a recreation assistant to the club general manager, being in-charged of one of the many sports centres run by his company.

Despite his hectic work schedule, he managed to allocate time to earn himself two further qualifications namely National Pool Lifeguard Qualification from the Royal Life Saving Society UK (2004) and UK Badminton Coaching Level 2 Qualification (2005).

Ong finally decided to return to Malaysia in the year 2009 to set up his own basketball and badminton academy in Klang, Selangor. He actively coaches several secondary and primary schools’ basketball teams and has also recently ventured into supplying sports equipment.

Being a firm proponent of #LearningNeverStops, he came to our centre a week ago to register for the Certified Fitness Instructor course with the goal to equip himself with the necessary skills and knowledge to further improve his basketball teams’ performance and so as his players’ individual performance.

Upon completion of CFI, he likes what he learnt and thereafter without delay, registered for our full Personal Trainer Development Program and will be attempting the upcoming ACE PT examination in November 2015.

We, the team at FIT, sincerely wish him the best in his future undertakings!


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