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Fendi Noh – from FAT to FIT!


SWEAT, BLOOD and TEARS. These 3 words literally describe the experience Fendi Noh faced in his amazing physical transformation journey. Who would have thought that he was once morbidly obese, weighing a whopping 150kg back in 2004?

At his lowest point in life, Fendi had seen it all. His parents and sister passed away due to obesity and high blood pressure. His brother was diagnosed with colon cancer. He was rejected in multiple job interviews which he attended due to his physique, and also could not find that special someone who finds him attractive. We quote him “It was a miserable youth life”.

One fine day, he decided to change his life for good. He began to be more physically active by doing slow jogs on an almost daily basis. Progress was slow thus he decided to engage a personal trainer who trained him for 12 sessions, which kick-started his incorporation of weights training into his exercise routine.

Fendi is blessed to have found himself a fitness mentor i.e. Terry Gallyott, who provided all the nutritional advices he needs which significantly contributed to his physical transformation. As he has yet to achieve the ideal body shape that he wants, he will proceed to soldier on with his strict diet and workout regimes.

Why did he enroll in our Personal Trainer Development Program?

Fendi wants to be a personal trainer as he fell in love with the fitness industry. He is passionate to assist the general public especially people with disabilities to achieve their health and fitness goals. Armed with the mindset ‘Nothing is Impossible’, Fendi hopes that he could inspire and help as many people as possible with their physical transformations out there, capitalising on his real life experiences.

We, the team at FiT, salute this man and wish him nothing but the best in achieving his noble ambition!


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