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Calvin, Teddy & Jess – Nutritionists cum Personal Trainers!


Combining NUTRITION with EXERCISE PROGRAMMING. How would that work out to be?

We recently interviewed Calvin, Teddy and Jess, three of our latest Personal Trainer Development Program (“PTDP”) students to obtain their views on the above. Both Calvin and Teddy have graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Nutrition and/or Dietetics while Jess is pursuing the same.

When we asked for the reasoning behind their PTDP sign-ups, the following are what they said:

Calvin: “I would like to change the public’s perception that dietitians do not exercise. To advise patients to exercise, I must first walk the talk. I aim to combine the aspects of fitness and diet to create a better change for the populations’ health.”

Teddy: “A proper certification is necessary to becoming a fitness professional. The personal training certification opens up more opportunities for me in addition to having the knowledge in nutrition.”

Jess: “Nutrition and exercise go a long way back. There’s no such thing as 50% in the gym and 50% in the kitchen. Both should be 100%. As a fitness enthusiast, I want to gain knowledge in both nutrition and fitness as they go very well together.”

From the above, we learn that combining both nutrition and exercise programming which is covered in the PTDP work hand-in-hand together in broadening one’s opportunities, knowledge and ability to work with numerous populations.

Are you like one of them yourself? Do you know of anyone else who follows the same path?


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